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           Your Brows and Your Skin

                                                           Are Your Best Accessories

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Welcome to Secrets Of Shiraz 

Secrets Of Shiraz is an eyebrow artistry and skin care studio in Burlington, Ontario owned by Macy Askari. She’s an experienced and accredited brow and permanent makeup artist and licensed skin care therapist who has been highly sought after by women and men. By using many tattooing techniques such as microblading, she transforms your eyebrows by giving them the correct proportion and shape while making them maintenance-free.

Macy Askari

Macy Askari has been fascinated by eyebrows since she was a little girl growing up in Shiraz, Iran. Being surrounded by beautiful Persian women with striking eyebrows, she would draw eyes and eyebrows on paper for hours and hours. Little did she know then, that passion would one day lead to drawing eyebrows on the faces of women and men for a career.

She has been in the esthetics and permanent makeup industry for more than 2 decades. She abides by all the current industry standards and ethics. Despite being one of the most educated permanent makeup artists in the world, Macy is constantly pursuing further education by training around the world and learning from the best of the best.